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Video of Dog Escaping Baggage Handlers on the Tarmac Has People Up in Arms

Video of a dog escaping baggage handlers at an airport in Guadalajara, Mexico is receiving mixed responses online. Some people couldn’t help but laugh at the helpless airport employees trying to get the dog under control, but others were really worried for the dog’s safety and argued that he could’ve gotten seriously hurt.

A copy of the footage has since blown up online. The video shared by @ladbible shows the little white dog sprinting across the tarmac, while employees trail behind. “Dog escapes from baggage handlers on airport tarmac,” the video’s text overlay reads. Try as hard as they might, the handlers can’t seem to gain speed on the puppy. “Someone's in trouble,” the caption states. Warning: the clip is a little tough to watch.

That poor pup! Over 1.2 million people have watched the video, but the comments section was split. Some people felt it was pretty funny. “Where’s the Benny Hill theme music?” @duckyvetran wondered. “Dog: and the best part of this plan is, no one can stop me,” @victoria.skandul joked. “Chasing him is the worst possible idea,” @paulokieleo wrote.

But many people felt this was no laughing matter. “Poor dog. Bet it was petrified,” @paulacharlton explained. “Everyone is laughing but the poor dog is panicking. I hate to be in the owner’s shoes when that happened,” @wheelsandbernese agreed. “No laughing matter! Poor dog is probably terrified flying now terrified with the plane sound and people chasing him,” @patriciaann63 added.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. According to United Press International, it wasn’t clear if the dog got loose for a departing or returning trip, but the news outlet did report that the dog was eventually captured by airport staff.  Whew, what a relief!