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Dog’s Reaction to Playing in the Yard for the First Time Is So Full of Joy

No matter where we live, dogs get used to living wherever we are, whether that’s the countryside or a five-story walk-up in the big city. One could argue dogs in the country and the suburbs have the life. They have free rein of a yard to roll around and run their little hearts out, while city dogs are surrounded by a concrete jungle. Either are fine! It just depends on your preference. 

TikTok user @skjameson and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have been living the city life for a while. She says her dog has been an apartment dog her whole life, until recently, when they moved out of the city to a home with a fence. She decided to film her dog’s reaction to walking into the yard for the first time. Get a load of this pup.

It only took about two steps before she was off running around the whole yard! So cute!! She’s like, ‘Forget the city, this is the life!” We’d bet anything she spent the whole day outside and she’s probably asking constantly to go outside! One commenter said, “Now, she needs a pool, some shade, tons of toys and so on and so on.” LOL! She does deserve it all after being a city girl.

@Angél Pop Culture commented, “She’s so happy!!” Happy is an understatement. If you couldn’t tell from her zoomies, her mom said she’s obsessed! “Seeing dogs in their new yards is one of my favorite things 😭,” wrote @Lindsey Murphy said. We could watch videos like this all day long.  

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We hope she keeps enjoying the yard all summer, and all year for that matter!  

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