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Woman's Viral Video About Her Dog Being 'Fake' Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Our four-legged friends really do give unconditional love, but even the most seasoned dog owner can feel misled at times. It's not any pet parent's favorite thing to admit--when their pup is more of a fair-weather friend--but, trust us, it's a universal struggle. 

It's a great setup for a viral video, too! TikTok user @quenchedpeach may have posted this to her "[private] spam account," but 4.3 million views found their way to her clip regardless. If you ask us, it's easy to see why! Her pup is being oh-so-relatable, and it's just too funny.

OMG--what a little stinker! We can totally relate, though; we know what it's like to be ditched by a food-motivated pup. Much to no one's surprise, so do most of the commenters! At least social media gives bamboozled pet owners a place to commiserate about it. 

"LMAOO MY DOG DOES THIS TOO I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY MINE," @downterribly4darkromance commented. "He runs to me when im eating and then runs away the second im done." Typical! Even though @___lb blames it on the breed, saying "all pugs are the same 😭," we know this is more of a dog thing than just a pug thing. 

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At least it's not what @triste.ebsz's fuzzy friend does, though! She said, "My dog comes into my room to fart and then leaves immediately 😭," and we're still covering our laughter! We're sure it's anything but funny for @triste.ebsz, but, OMG, is it hilarious to think about!

"He’s just watching a mukbang," explained @ur.dad16. LOL! That would be a reasonable explanation for this pup's nosiness, but it does have us thinking about just how strange the mukbang genre is. Hey--whatever floats your boat! For this pup, it's clearly food. He's just upset his owner didn't share! 

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