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Dog Pretends to Be Hurt So She Doesn't Have to Exercise and We're Here for It

Sometimes, working out can be enjoyable and even a major stress reliever. But at other times? Yeah, exercise can be kind of a drag. Apparently this applies to animals as well, or at least to one Yellow Lab who just wasn't feeling it. A video that was shared on TikTok by @ipet_family starts off with the pup playing a game of fetch. But after the ball is thrown, this sweet gal changes her mind about wanting to run around the yard. 

The text treatment on the video reads, "She doesn't want to exercise, so she pretends she's hurt." Watch what happens when she runs after the ball, only to realize it's more trouble than it's worth.

OMG. We've never felt so seen! This is totally all of us when we just can't get into a good workout groove. (Am I right?) Plenty of TikTok users were feeling this dog's reluctance to exercise as well. @Janet Morales said, "I need to learn the trick lol 😂." Another commenter, @Shannon Schiller Ric added, "Now, there is a baby that deserves an Oscar for that performance!!! 💖." And @Deborah Gartelmann could identify with the pup, saying, "Same happens to me every time I think about heading over to the gym." HA!

Since the video is captioned with, "She just doesn’t like to exercise but she can’t resist the ball.", we're guessing this is a regular occurrence with this pup whenever her owner tries to play. For a dog who doesn't like to get her steps in, she sure has a cute way of protesting!