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Dog Loudly Passes Gas in the Middle of Owner’s Zoom Call and We’re Cracking Up

We've all heard of blaming the dog when last night's dinner comes calling. But one woman doesn't need to *ahem* embellish. Her French Bulldog Olive really was behind the toots that were caught on one of her work Zoom calls. But video of Olive post-toots is making people seriously laugh online. 

Olive has the most adorable little personality. As can often be seen on her TikTok page Olive The Adorabull (@olivetheadorabull). Unfortunately for her owner, one of Olive's special personality traits is farting. And that can be sort of bad news when your mom has important work calls to take. "Anybody else's dog absolutely rip one while in your Zoom calls?" she asked. 

Olive's face is the epitome of innocence in the footage — that is until the end, when she let a butt burp slip. "The bonus toot at the end," her mom joked in the video's caption.

The hilarious video has been watched almost 460,000 times. And yes, this has happened to other people. "Yes! Once it was so loud that it highlighted my profile like I was talking so everyone thought it was me," @austintheboston admitted. "It’s actually me and I say it’s my dog," @bunny_mummy77 joked. "Mine once took a massive dump on the floor in the middle of a call," @tedavid93 added. "My Boston Terrier does all the time," @proudmammaof2kiddos chimed in. 

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But most people couldn't get over Olive's face. "She is UNphased," @skarrface1 commented. "That face," @bostonsportsgirl26 chimed in. "Kept eye contact. That was personal," @tea_and_cakez joked. "The way she stared at you the whole time like," @pourri wrote. 

Good thing Olive is so cute. She's pretty much guilty as charged.

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