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Dog's On-Point Reaction to Hearing Her Favorite Song Is Simply the Best

Dogs love music. Relaxing songs can have a calming effect during stressful scenarios, and some dogs have been known to dance along to fun, upbeat songs. One pup has a clear favorite song and her reaction to hearing the tune is amazing.

TikTok user @slunchbucket recently shared a poolside video of her pup, Jaina, having a nice, relaxing summer day. Whitney Houston's cover of "I Will Always Love You" is playing in the background, and as soon as the chorus starts, her head perks up in recognition. Check out the video to see what she does next!

WOW, her vocals are amazing! Not only was Jaina right on cue, she also harmonized perfectly with the song! This dog as some serious talent.

People in the comments were very impressed with Jaina's singing. @bookguru4u2 said, "I swear that dog is in the right key," and @hollowa82 commented, "She hit that first note with her leg lifted up. You know she was on point. Love it!" This pup just put her heart and soul into that performance!

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Others were impressed this pup was able to recognize the song! @eherndon2016 commented, "The head turn when he realized the song did it for me," and @laurengoode7 said, 'When she realized that was her song: "Wait a damn minute... I know that ain't... awwooooooooooo!" Goodest girl!" Jaina heard Whitney and knew she had to commence show time!

Jaina's talent is off the charts. Someone call Simon Cowell, because we have the next big star on our hands!

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