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Dog’s Reaction to Feeling Mom’s Baby Kick for the First Time Is Giving Us the Feels

You never know how your dog is going to react to a new addition to the family. It's a big change for them too! That's why video of a Vizslas feeling her soon-to-be brother or sister in her human mom's stomach has us in deep in our emotions. We can't wait for these two to meet!

We can already tell that the pup, Reyna, will be the most devoted big sister. She's already so committed to her mom and dad. The pooch regularly lays on her pregnant mama's stomach, but we're convinced that she had no idea what was happening when she felt the baby move. "My dog feeling my baby kick for the first time!" her owner Ellie Treece (@ellie_treece) explained in the video's onscreen text. The look on Reyna's face after the big move is so funny. Or as her mom described it, "she looks betrayed," she wrote. 

Commenters were in stitches. "She was thinking this is getting real!" @kristydoughty wrote. "That sound came to mind….'omg! What was that?!?'” @559sue joked. "She's probably like... what did you do that for?!" @glors82 teased. Another commenter had their own guess as to what was going through Reyna's mind: "“What the fluff was that?!” @karalyn32 quipped.

A second video shows another time that Reyna seems completely lost in thought while laying on her mom's belly. "My Vizslas with my pregnant belly 99% of the time," Ellie wrote in the video's onscreen text.

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It just looks like unconditional love to us.

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