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Dog’s Unlikely Toy Choice for a Game of Fetch Has People Cracking Up

A dog is going viral for the *ahem* toy that he wanted his owner to throw during a game of fetch. The Blue Heeler's owner, Lauren Colley, shared the whole hilarious incident in a recent video on TikTok and now people online can't stop laughing. Check it out!

Fortunately, Colley had her phone out when her dog Tuff came over looking to play. Now normally when dogs want to play they bring over a toy or maybe even a tennis ball — but nope, not Tuff. In a recent video on Colley's page @laurenvcolley, the pup had something super strange in his mouth before going over to his mama. 

"He's asking me to throw a 5 lb. dumbbell," Colley wrote in the video's text overlay. Welp, we guess there really is a reason why he's named Tuff. 

Over 2 million people have watched Colley's video and the comments section was in hysterics. "Well did you do it," @angieurbanowicz wondered. "That feels like an outside toy," @jin.mugen joked. "His face after he dropped it," @l3iiibiii joked. "My man was dead serious," @llfoodluv wrote, before adding a crying-laughing emoji.

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Although some commenters shared that this was just the kind of thing that some dogs are known to do. "My dog picked up a 10 lb. kettle bell once for me to throw and I was baffled," @notnatski shared. "Omg [my] Blue Heeler does the same thing!! She will find the most heaviest things and what’s me to throw it, like no," @amberfoor chimed in. "Cattle dogs are just made different," @adelinethegolden added. 

We guess that must be the reason why Tuff chose to go for the heavy fitness equipment — or maybe he just wanted to get a quick workout in. 

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