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Dog Is Treated to a Fiesta-Themed Birthday Party and We're So Here for It

Many pet parents pride themselves on being at least a little extra, and Boba's mom is no exception. She recently went viral on her TikTok account, @mojomich, for throwing her pup the most adorable fiesta-themed birthday party--but here's the best part: four of her dog's best friends came to the party, dressed to impress! 

If you think that sounds cute, just wait until you see it. This video has blown up so much that @mojomitch created a new account just for Boba! You'll be able to see this pup's future adventures at @bobathelabrabull, but give yourself some time to take in her adorable 'Taco Two-sday' birthday party before anything else. You'll be glad you did! 

OMG--we want an invite to this party! Boba looks so happy to see her friends and chow down on doggy-friendly cake. We just can't get enough!

"More dogs showed up to this party, than humans show up to kids parties," @miriammarin1974 commented on the video. "😁Happy birthday cutie." It's pretty funny to think about, but she's totally right. Boba is definitely popular at the dog park--we can only imagine how many jealous pups didn't get an invite to this exclusive event! 

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"How sweet is this," @susielona agreed. "So ADORABLE they are so GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL LOVE this party such a good theme for the party 🥳." It's so true, Taco Two-sday is seriously creative idea, and @mojomitch really went all out. 

@Jackjacktwo noticed "the avocado plush at the end 💚💚" as well. Isn't it just adorable? Boba's mom thought of every detail for her fur baby's 2nd birthday, and we think it paid off beautifully. The dogs had an awesome time! 

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