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Dog's Reaction to Finally Meeting New Kittens Couldn't Be More Precious

There's something so magical about meeting a new baby--now just imagine that feeling multiplied a few times! That's exactly what Tanner the pup is experiencing as she meets her newest foster siblings in the sweetest viral video. Tanner hadn't been allowed to meet the new arrivals for quite some time--they had just been born after all--but sweet mama Bravo was more than willing to let the curious pup make an introduction to her kittens. 

Yes, kittens! Some folks may find it surprising that a large dog like Tanner could get along so well with cats (let alone newborns), but his mama Gabrielle, who goes by @small_town_foster on TikTok, isn't surprised at all. Not only does she have tons of fostering experience, but she knows her dog, too. After seeing this precious video, though--we'd like to know Tanner, too!

So sweet and gentle! We just adore this pup's curiosity and joy and she meets the babies she's been dying to see, but we also totally get why @small_town_foster was nervous at first. By the looks of it, though, Tanner and the babes were friends at first sight.

"Love how the momma felt safe enough to leave," commented @heathercj. Right?! She totally trusts Tanner next to her kittens, and her body language looks very relaxed. @Moonscape_cat noticed that "mumma has happy tail" which is standing up and curved at the top--a common indicator of a content feline. It must've been such a relief to see that!

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We're sure Gabrielle was not the least bit surprised to see "the little tail wags.. 🥺" from Tanner. Commenters like @sigmablues certainly weren't! The pup looked like a happy girl from the get-go if you ask us, so Bravo is likely picking up on those loving vibes. 

"Momma’s like “Oh praise be!! The babysitter is finally here!” 🤣," @lindsayrufus wrote. LOL! After caring for her kittens around the clock, she probably does need a break. Any parent will agree! We're just glad she has Tanner there to help out. 

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