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Dog Snoozing the Day Away in a First Class Airplane Seat Is Truly Living the Dream

We hope it's not weird to admit that we're totally jealous of one dog on TikTok, who looked like she was having the best dream while flying first class. Yep! This dog flies better than we do when we travel by plane. But we can't be too mad — she's the absolute cutest. 

The pup's mama, Kathryn Mahathavorn (@katterfly_), loves to travel. She goes around the world and makes sure to bring her dog Lily with her wherever she goes. We can't be sure if Lily always travels in luxury, but video of her having a quick snooze while in first class had people all over the internet cheering. "Wake me up when we get there," her mama joked in the caption. We can't get enough of the tiny eye mask that Lily is wearing. Anything for this good girl to get her beauty rest.

Over 227,000 people have tuned in to watch Lily's perfect flight and the comments section had some pretty strong feelings. "This is how you supposed to treat dogs people!!" @nancy.israel exclaimed. "Now I have to work harder to give my dog the life he deserves," @marinaaxc_ joked. "This dog is living a better life than many humans," @hellob31 agreed. "I need to be your dog — I want that good life," @holls35 added. 

Whew! Thank goodness we aren't the only ones who are green with envy. Although if we're totally being honest, a second video on Lily's page also has us totally jealous. "Was craving a stroopwafel," the caption reads. Yep! Lily went to Holland!

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Now excuse us while we go try and find our passport!

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