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Video of Bride Doing a 'First Look' With Her Dog at Colorado Wedding Is Simply the Best

Weddings are a time to be surrounded by those you love. For so many of us, that love includes our four-legged friends and it's always so touching to see couples-to-be involve their pets in their nuptials. One of the the most popular wedding traditions is the "first look" where the family or friends of the bride get to see the bride in their wedding gown for the first time. 

A beautiful new tradition that is trending in the great big world of weddings is documenting your dog having their "first look" and the reactions of these canine companions is just so touching. Lucy the Bernese Mountain Dog's reaction at seeing her beautiful mom in her gown is just too adorable!

@Lucytheberner almost looks lonely as she patiently waits and when she turns around to see mom, she pauses almost like she's taking in the moment until she erupts in gleeful doggy dancing. Awwww!

 @JoannaRoberston posts what she thinks Lucy is thinking with, "'MOM!!!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!' So sweet thanks for sharing." @JustMe! says in the comments, "Such a beautiful moment that you can have with your best friend." @Vicky sums up a lot of our thoughts with, "This made me cry happy tears !! I absolutely adore this my fave." 

Okay, we're not crying! You're crying! All the congratulations to this gorgeous bride and her gorgeous best friend celebrating her special moment with her!

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