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Dog's 'First Look' at Mom Right Before Her Wedding Gives Us All the Feels

For a bride, the wedding day can be the most special of occasions. After all, you've only been thinking about it for your whole life! Still, there are so many ways you can take your big day from fantastic to next-level perfect. 

What makes it even more special, you ask? Having your best friend by your side. Yes, yes, you'll have your bridesmaids and human friends, but nothing will compare to having your dog join the party--and the ceremony, too!

For recent newlywed @kaylalalaf, her pup Owen was there for every step of the process. From her bridal party to the reception, the Dog of Honor was present, dressed to a T, and ready to party. Our favorite moment of theirs, though, is Kayla's first look. She shares the special moment with Owen and a few of her bridesmaids, but the memory is oh-so-special.

We are paw-sitively in love with this idea. Kayla looks stunning in her dress, and Owen is so handsome, too! The best moment was when he saw his Mama in excitement, we think, but there's honestly so much to enjoy about this clip. No wonder it blew up on TikTok!

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"The way he hopped over to you 😩," commented @bwesterberg. Wasn't it just the sweetest! His reaction speaks volumes about the bond and trust between the two, and we are living for it. Tiktoker said, "he’s like 'momma you look so pretty' 🥰," and we think she's totally right! There's no question about his love for her--and vice versa!

So many dog mamas are obsessed over this precious moment, and they can't wait until the time comes to try it for themselves. And then there's @jennahassler, who admitted, "my dog often pees out of excitement when he sees me so we couldn’t 😅." LMAO! Every pup has their own way of expressing joy, we suppose!  

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