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Dog's Excited Reaction to His First Night in a Hotel Room Is As Good As It Gets

The first day of vacation is always filled with endless energy. It doesn't matter if you have to leave at 4 a.m. for a flight, you'll gladly get up because it's vacation time! And it's finally time for you to enjoy a few days off from work and school. That entire first day is filled with giddiness. You want to check out every inch of the hotel room or house because well, you can't believe vacation started. It's all so new and exciting! But is it the same for the pets that come along with us?

One might think pets would be hesitant about vacations because it's a new location, unfamiliar territory. That may be true for some pets, but not for this pup. TikTok user @christiewebbs shows us just how happy her dog is to be on vacation. The dog really couldn't believe what was going on and his reaction is oh so relatable! 

LMAO! If you ever wondered whether or not your pets enjoy a vacation as much as we do, this is the video to watch. Her dog wouldn't stop jumping from bed to bed! He was so excited to be at the hotel. This is just further proof that animals are just like us! 

"Don't act like y'all ain't ever done the same thing in a hotel room 🤣," said @Kayla Pilcher. Oh, we're not denying it whatsoever! What we will say is that we've never been this cute exploring our vacation spot! "I always wondered why hotels have two beds in the room. Now I understand the assignment," added @fromthemargin. LOL! Two beds are not for us. Purely for pup entertainment! 

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Another TikTok user, @fjpzqvk2eu03, wrote, "Someone's happy doing the bed test for mum n dad." He wasn't doing it for fun, he was clearly making sure it was safe for the family. And he just so happened to enjoy doing it. Ha! "Now you need 2 beds at home for jumpies," suggested @dcofficial868. LOL! Forget about zoomies, jumpies are the new sign of doggy happiness! So yes, everyone needs to go out and buy two beds to see the jumpies! 

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