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Dog Only Responds to One Special Sound and We're Not at All Surprised

If there's one thing dogs are very keyed into, it's sounds. The sound of the door opening for a walk, the sound of Mom and Dad getting out of bed, and yes, the sound of their food being made. That's why no one was surprised when a woman on TikTok tried in vain to get her Husky puppy to pay attention to her, but it was only when she brought out the big guns that her dog gave her a second glance. 

A copy of the video was republished on the @dracorayes page. The footage shows a woman tapping various objects in her house, trying to get her dog's attention. But alas, nothing seems to catch his interest. "Bro only responds to one noise," the video's text overlay reads. "Please wait for it." After each object the woman taps, she pans the camera to her dog who has no reaction. But then....

Yep, the metal food bowl is what finally did it. "His reaction sent me," the caption states. 

The video has since racked up over 1 million views online. "He trained you well. Five stars," @onet1me joked in the comments section. “All that noise and my food is not ready," @gto_lady teased. "My husky knows the sound my PS5 makes when its cut off... cause that means walkies," @jaysonayoung shared. "You can't get mad at the puppy," @hj_cookie101 warned. 

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In all fairness, we don't blame the pup for knowing the sound of his food dish. Meals are probably his favorite time of day! Now let's get this good boy some food. ASAP.

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