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Dog's Adorable 'Announcement' That She's Finished Her Dinner Is Downright Precious

Those puppy days are so special — and they won't last forever. Take an adorable video from TikTok creator Jennifer Browne (@jenniferlbrowne) which shows her Pit Bull proudly showing off that she finished her food. How cute! 

It's moments like these that you really have to cherish. As Browne herself probably realized, so she pulled out her camera and got her Pittie puppy on video. The footage shows the pup chowing down on her dinner. But just as she's chomping down on her last bite, she looks over to her mama to let her know that she was done. Take a look!

"Her 'I'm finished Mom' howl is the cutest," the video's text overlay states. You could say that again! "All done? Are you all done?" Browne can be heard asking from off-camera. 

With over 175,000 views, people on the internet were just as smitten with the pooch as we were. "Oh my goodness this made my day just too much cuteness," @andreagonzales9502 wrote in the comments section. "Ugh the only acceptable loud chewing. So sweet," @micheleatkins16 joked. "So adorable ! Don’t howl with your mouth full ! Lol lol," @nancyterry30352 teased. "Normally lip smacking is a huge turnoff but in this case…cutest thing ever!" @lizzyklopper kidded. 

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That tiny howl! We hope this pup never changes. If you need even more puppy cuteness, a second video on Browne's page shows the dog cuddling up to her mama. Probably tired after all that eating!

Could you just melt? This is exactly why they say dogs are man's best friend. 

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