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Dog Who Expects 'Formal Announced Entry' Into Her Home Is a Whole Vibe

Every once in a while we'll see a dog learn a new trick that blows us away. Whether that's picking up the newspaper, closing a door or even them talking to us, the tricks they learn are endless at this point. Each one is more unique and cooler than the last. But TikTok user @sparrowtherapypack showed us one trick that puts all the other ones to shame. 

In the clip that has nearly 2 million views, this TikToker is trying to get her Bernese Mountain Dog to come inside. The dog is in the door frame, looking around as if there is something missing. And there was something definitely missing. It was her formal announcement into the building of course! How could this dog momma forget?! Wait until the announcement is finally made because it screams main character energy! 

LMAO! We can't believe the dog wouldn't step inside until she got the formal introduction. We've never seen a dog do this before! It's honestly inspiring. The things we'd do to have this confidence! She knows her worth and doesn't expect anything less. "Of course, she is royalty ☺️," said @gabybujanda1612. The greatest queen we've ever seen too! 

"The fur in the breeze she knows it's her moment," wrote @maxx_hitt. This truly only happens to the main characters. So if anyone was doubting that she deserved this treatment, this clearly proves she does. 

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"The way she looks you up and down like, 'Woman, you know what you need to do, just do it,'" commented @SarahRuth. LOL! It's definitely not this mom's first rodeo. Doesn't she know she raised a queen?! @Ken Montour suggested, "Get this puppy a red carpet for her next entrance! 😂." Yes, yes, yes, yes! Especially with all the attention that she's getting from this clip, she's going to need a bigger and better entrance soon. 

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