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Dog's Terrified Reaction to Being in the Shelter After Leaving Foster Home Is Heartbreaking

Being in a shelter can sometimes be a traumatic experience for animals. Shelters are often uncomfortable and loud, and the animals get limited attention because the staff has so many animals to care for. One pup was recently back in the shelter after spending time in a foster home and his reaction to being back is heartbreaking.

TikTok user @aharrisphoto recently shared a video of a Pit Bull named Clyde who was brought to Orange County Animal Services as a stray and was previously staying in a foster home. In the video, he has returned to the shelter and is scared and shaking after being put in his kennel. Check out the video to see what poor Clyde is going through and to help him get adopted!

Awww, we feel so sorry for Clyde! This poor pup has a difficult time dealing with the chaos of the shelter and spends much of his time hiding. We are thankful the shelter works are doing everything they can to comfort the pup, but he needs to find his forever home soon!

People in the comments couldn't believe this boy hasn't been adopted yet. @chuuyanakaharas said, "He looks so sweet!" and @jmacally commented, "He’s precious." This pup is truly so wonderful; he would make the perfect addition to any home!

Others were wishing Clyde good luck in his search for a family. @andrea_d28 commented, "Sending positive vibes for a forever home," and @northerncountrygirl1971 said, "Please someone adopt this handsome boy." We hope Clyde's perfect person comes along soon!

We are so sad to see this pup unhappy. Thankfully, he is getting love and attention from the shelter staff, but he still needs to find his forever family soon! We are wishing for Clyde to have a near future with a lot of treats and belly rubs on a soft, warm bed.

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