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Story of Dog Found After Escaping From Newark Airport Is a True Miracle

A story of a Labrador Retriever mix being found is a true miracle and it's brightening up our entire week. The 6-year-old dog named Suki was traveling from Puerto Rico to Newark, New Jersey to her new foster family when tradedgy stuck. 

Immediately after landing, Suki bolted. The video, shared on YouTube by Fox 5 New York, shares details of how Suki escaped and just how long it took to find her again. Don't worry, there is a very happy ending for this puppo! 

Wow! Suki has been through so much. We can't believe she was missing for a whole month. That's a long time by herself with no food. And not to mention that she's in an unfamiliar location. But thank goodness this professional dog rescuer found her! 

We got so emotional when we heard from her previous owner. He, unfortunately, had to give Suki to a shelter in Puerto Rico when his wife got sick. But you can see from this clip just how much he still cares for her. A dog's love lasts forever!

"She's so cute!" wrote YouTube user @AffordableWebsite Rescue. The cutest! We're so happy she's home now. And her foster parents say although she's a little skin and bones now, that's nothing they can't fix. Suki's about to get all the food and treats in the world! And the news just keeps getting better. Suki already has a forever home lined up. She'll be going home with a woman who never found her lost dog. Aww! We just know these two need each other and will heal together!

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