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Hilarious Dog-Friendly Fence Addition Has TikTok in Stitches

When it comes to making a dog happy, there are nearly no lengths a pet parent wouldn't go to. Even home remodeling is in the question for hardware-savvy folks, but it'll be hard to top this hilarious fence addition that's going viral on TikTok.

In the video which was posted by @fearsupply, several Siberian Huskies take advantage of their new fence to take a peek at the outside world. Fortunately for us, our view from the outside is pretty dang funny, so it's a win-win, really.

Honestly, why don't more fences have something like this?

LMAO, we can't get enough of these curious doggies and their peepholes! They seem to absolutely love it, and needless to say everyone who sees it from the outside feels the same. TikTok commenters certainly do!

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"Thats a riot, I love it 😂," wrote @___itskristen___. So do we! Not only do the pups each have a spot of their own to indulge their nosiness, but they look absolutely priceless while spying on their neighbors, too. They're the cutest Peeping Toms we've ever seen! 

Though everyone enjoyed the whimsical nature of this fence addition, several commenters were also reminded of a 1980's film. @Simonneilscott asked, "Labyrinth vibes, anyone?" He got over 40 likes so we'd say yes!

We 100% agree with @sandraramirez9750, who wrote, "wonderful neighbor to do this !!!!!🥰" Right? If we saw that anywhere near where we were thinking of living, we'd buy a house immediately. We might have some competition, though, with all the fans these pups are getting. 

Better yet, we should all just take advice from @lynnbeaveramdahl. They said, "these should be required on all fences ❤️," and if that's not the best thing we've ever read, we might need to get our eyesight checked. We can think of so many dogs who would love this feature, but can you imagine the kinds of reactions this would get from people?!

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