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Dog's Totally Hilarious and Unique Way of Sitting Has Us Completely Obsessed

We can all agree that Australian Shepherds are such a beautiful breed of dog. They're also known for how energetic and personable they are. They love to solve puzzles and thrive when they have jobs to do, such as herding all of their family members. 

They can also be lively and quirky, and just how quirky is perfectly illustrated in @The.radas video of their beautiful Mini-Aussie below. It's easy to see why this clip has over 3 million views!

Just look at this distinguished gentlemen! Someone get this bubber a boy tie and a cup of tea, stat! Moose's owner says he has "never sat normal," and it's almost like he is hiding another dog under his tiny body. Why are his little legs doing that? Hilarious. 

One commenter, @lewisthonson111 exclaims, "He’s sitting just like a little human!" Another TikTok viewer, @Christine added, "When my dog does that, we call them his "Good Boy feet." Aww! What an adorable and accurate description. Yet another fan of the video, @Mav&Mel added, My little Chihuahua mix sits like this!! We call it her little penguin stance 😂🐧." Even @BARK chimed in, saying, "Sitting like any respectable gentleman would 😤." 

We have no doubt that Moose is always a distinguished gentleman, no matter how he happens to be sitting. One thing's for sure, his humans never run out of having a good dose of cuteness! 

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