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Dad Makes BeReal Account in Dog's Perspective and It's Great

The latest social media app to take over is called BeReal. The app is supposed to show users unedited at random points of the day being real. The notification goes off at different times each day when you least expect it. You then have two minutes to answer the notification and snap a picture of your day.  

TikTok user @nattylight34's dad took this app to a new level and we're obsessed. Instead of using the app for himself, he's doing it in the perspective of the family dog. And we promise you, it's the best thing you'll see all week!  

O.M.G. This is absolutely amazing! Such a smart and fun way to use the app. TikTok users were even commenting they want their parents to do this for their pets so they can stay updated while they're away. Brilliant! 

"Dog with a blog," wrote @abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbby. LOL! Sign us up for this blog because we know we'd follow it religiously. "The best use of BeReal that I've ever seen 👏🏼," added @syltherin. Oh 100%! There's no account that will top this one. @lucyeatongood pointed out, "The cutest part of this is imagining him sprinting to find the dog every time the notification goes off 😭." Aww!! So much dedication we love it!

Even the official TikTok for NHL's Chicago Blackhawks commented, "We love your dad and your dog." Well, who doesn't?! We're pretty sure everyone wants to be friends with them on BeReal after this video. Us included! 


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