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Dog Who Retrieves a Beer for Her Dad While He Lounges in the Pool Is Every Man's Dream

Summer is right around the corner, and soon enough, you'll be enjoying a sunny day outside by the pool or beach, applying your sunscreen and enjoying a nice ice cold beer. The only thing that would make the day better would be someone who could fetch you another beer once yours is empty. And if you don't have kids, who can you ask? Well, you can try turning to your dog for a new trick that will sure to win over your party guests. 

We're already won over by TikTok user @elliegoldenlife, a beer-getter, good fluff Golden Retriever! In a recent clip, Ellie's dad is lounging in the pool. He didn't want to get out to grab another beer, so he asked very politely for Ellie's assistance. She happily helps him out. But the creator warned that you must wait 10-15 minutes before opening. LOL!

Are you kidding?! That is the coolest trick we've ever seen, even though she did drop it! That's why he gave us a warning before opening. We wouldn't want that spraying everywhere. No beer wasted in this house! 

Ellie went face-first into a YETI cooler to grab her dad a beer. Now the official YETI TikTok is applauding her. @YETI commented, "Good job Ellie 👏." The creator responded by saying, "She loves fetching things from her Yeti cooler 😀." We think she needs a YETI cooler of her own filled with doggie beers! 

Other TikTok users are calling Ellie a great bartender. Or our personal favorite, as @Natural Dog Company wrote, "She's a Barktender 🍺." LOL. That's a perfect name for her. @LSS said she serves it, "🌊 shaken 🌊 not 🌪 stirred 🌪." And doesn't matter how you order it, Ellie will serve it to you shaken.

Now, does Ellie give any training for this trick? Because we could definitely benefit from it this summer!