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Dog's Reaction to Getting Her First Period Couldn't Be More On-Point

Do you remember where you were the first time that you got your period? That first menstrual cycle can be rough because you're just not used to it. So we totally get where one pup was coming when she started howling during her first visit with Aunt Flo. Welcome to the wonderful world of womanhood, little Harper!

Harper's mama @el__davison must've been cracking up when she saw her Australian Shepherd's over-the-top reaction to getting her period for the first time. It's safe to say that Harper was NOT feeling it. She was letting out the loudest howl possible — and anyone who's been there completely understands why. "My dog got her first period," the video's onscreen caption reads. "Let it out sweetie," it continues. Harper has us absolutely rolling — take a look!

"The girls that get it," the video's caption reads.

We weren't ones who could relate to Harper's period pain and the video has since been watched over 2.5 million times. "Completely understand baby, it’s not fun! Be we have each other," @miriamvperkins wrote in the comments section. "Oh poor darling, I feel her! I just want to wrap her up with a hot water bottle and her favorite treats," @autumnwolf83 teased. "Hot water bottle, doggy safe snacks and maybe watch Benji. You’ll feel better," @askellenbeauty joked. "Aww poor sweetheart that’s how I feel when I have mine hope you are doing okay," @rhiannongibson968 chimed in. 

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See? The good thing is that you're not alone Harper. It's something that most women can relate to. And take it from us, we've all been there and would probably let out our own howls of pain if we could. Now let's get this pup a sappy movie and some kibble — ASAP.

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