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Dog's Reaction to Tiny Fur Sibling Giving Him a Good Scratch Makes Us LOL

What are brothers for? That's what one video on TikTok has us asking ourselves. The footage shows a little puppy helping out another dog in the house who just needed a hand reaching an itch. And if you ask us, this pup owes his little fur-brother a big thank you. 

Animals helping other animals. It's a beautiful thing. And that's exactly what's happening in the footage shared by TikTok creator @browncow21. The video shows her Chiweenie, Pickle, giving the bigger dog, Hiccup, some back scratches. And you can definitely tell that Hiccup appreciates the gesture. We're not sure how Hiccup got Pickle to do his bidding, but we have to admit that both pups look totally happy! 

"The best scratch of all time," the text overlay reads.

The video has since been watched over 1.3 million times and people praised the pair for working together. "Teamwork makes the dream work!" @jimmydeanthaween wrote. "And this. This is a metaphor for how we live in harmony," @natashaniko2021 added. “Yeah, Yeah right there, that’s the spot Bro!” @meaniesomean joked. "Not gonna lie, I could use that right now," @mebauerr kidded. 

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If you can't get enough of Pickle and Hiccup, another video on the page shows off more of their super special friendship. Despite their differences, these two are the best of pals. 

It seems like that from the start Hiccup has always loved his little fur-brother. No matter how playful little Pickle got, Hiccup is so patient with him. Although we're sure that with back scratches like these, Hiccup has nothing to complain about. Best brothers ever!

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