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Yellow Lab's No-Hesitation Jump Into Popcorn Bowl Is Everything We Needed

We're beyond guilty of sharing food with our four-legged babies. No matter what we're eating, they're always right next to us, hoping to get some scraps. And we can't say no to those puppy-dog eyes. We're weak! At least we're not the only ones who find it difficult to say to our pets. TikTok user @thebananabrooke is the same way. Well, she didn't really cave. It was mostly just a power move by her dog. 

In her recent clip, which has over 2 million views, she was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on her lap. And like it is in most dog homes, her yellow labrador was sitting right next to her as she was eating. The poor pup was looking up at her with the saddest eyes. She just wanted a piece of popcorn, that's not too much to ask for! Based on the caption that reads, "A little snack for me and a little snack for my baby," we could guess her dog got some popcorn but we never would've expected this! 

O.M.G. Those weren't eyes upset about not getting food, those eyes were saying she was about to dive in for all the popcorn! And she really did dive head first into the bowl, trying to gather up as much as possible before mom yelled. LOL! In her defense, we've all been like this before when it comes to food. @madichayse spoke the truth. She said, "How I be at the movies." Ha! The popcorn is gone before the movie even starts for us! 

At least this good girl waited her turn! She was thinking exactly what @x3jessicalouise wrote, "I'll just get it myself then!😂." She apparently has to fend for herself in this household! LOL! "I accept this energy," added @Cowboy_TheNano. You have to accept this energy. It's too good not to! 

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