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Dog Dealing with Toddler Vacuuming Him Has Us in Stitches

It's always so nice when your kids are old enough to help around the house. In fact, if you want to lessen your chore load, teach them young! It would make your job a whole lot easier. And who knows, maybe they'll come with ideas you haven't thought of before that will make the house extra clean. 

For instance, TikTok user @court.and.kai recruited her son to help with vacuuming and he did not disappoint. Somewhere along the way, he learned how to do preventative cleaning, and honestly, it's brilliant. Maybe it's not exactly how things should be done, but it's smart in our books. And this TikToker puts it best, at least he's trying. LOL! 

O.M.G. We seriously can't stop laughing at this clip! Her reaction to seeing her son vacuum the dog is exactly how we would've been too. Complete and utter shock but also, you can't stop giggling. Plus, the doggo's face was everything. He looked at the mom like, 'Are you serious?' LOL! Fret not, Chocolate Labrador, it will be over before you know it!

We do have to applaud the toddler for thinking outside the box. @ambergigi11 wrote, "Taking care of the problem straight from the source!!! 😂." Exactly! @CompassWoodworking added, "Fight the shedding at the source. He's playing chess while we play checkers." He learned very early on to work smarter, not harder. LOL! "Smart kid if you ask me 😂," said @mireyaaamurillo. A very smart kid indeed! We'll be taking a page out of his book.

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And one more shoutout to this amazing doggo. He just took it as is without saying anything! "That dog deserves a medal for being so chill and patient. Good work!" commented @Liam Casey. Right?! This behavior definitely earns him some extra treats!

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