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Precious Dog Gives Dad a 'Thank You Hug' Every Time They Go Out

It's important to show gratitude to the people in our lives when they help us out. It shows that they are appreciated, and it can help you maintain strong relationships with your friends and family. One dog shows she knows the importance of gratitude in this awesome video.

TikTok user @lunatheminicockapoo recently shared a video of of his Miniature Cockapoo, Luna. In the video, Luna's dad is taking her outside, and this sweet pup gives him a hug to say thank you. Check out the video to see this lovely gesture from Luna!

OMG, this is just precious. Luna loves and appreciates her dad so much, and she is sure to let him know every time they go outside! We can tell these two have an amazing bond.

People in the comments are impressed at the love these two share. @lalee_torres said, "She looks at you with love. Our fur babies are so loyal and will always give us unconditional love," and @user3637363207458 commented, "Awww! That is pure love. So cute!" People are so undeserving of dogs!

Others shared similar experiences with their pets. @timblybobimbly commented, "My boys always give me hugs when I enter the house. It doesn't matter if it was for a minute or an hour, and I will never not love it." Another user, @therealchyna777, said, "Aww, I thought mine was the only one! My boy gives me kisses before we walk out door." These are such lovely stories!

We are obsessed with Luna's 'thank you hugs' and would love it if our dogs started doing this! In fact, we would probably take our dogs out all the time just so we could get more of those hugs on the way back inside.

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