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Video of Tiny Dog Giving Kisses to 'Her Cows' Is Absolutely Precious

There is nothing cuter than when a stereotypical household pet forms a strong bond with farm animals. These are the types of animal friendships that transcend the norm and are so memorable. This is the case for one Jack Russell Terrier and several cows.

In the video posted by @penny.and.bianca, the owner shows Bianca approaching a group of cows standing next to the fence. She then proceeds to give each and every cow a kiss! The caption on the video explains that Bianca met her first cow when she was 10 weeks old and has been enamored with them ever since. See all of the adorable goodness in the video below.

Holy cow! It is so sweet how Bianca make sure none of the cows miss out on her kisses. You can see how much love there is between this pup and her cows.

Everyone in the comments of the video couldn't believe how adorable this is. @johannafalk26 called this video a "cuteness overload," and @jofree125 said, "They all got kisses. Aaaaaawwww that’s so lovely!"

Others commented what they thought Bianca was saying to these cows. @skwidrat imagined what she was saying as she went down the line: '"Hi can I kiss your nose? Hi can I kiss your nose... Hi here's your kiss... Hi... Hi again... Oh you're back hi!"' Similarly, @tokkate thought Bianca said something like, "Hello, hello, hello. Tail wags and kisses for everyone!!" as she approached the fence.

Bianca is just so sweet, and it is lovely how much she loves her cows!