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Video of Dog Taking in One Last 'Golden Gate' View From His Home Before Moving Is a Tear-Jerker

Leaving our childhood homes for the last time is always emotional. We have wonderful memories associated with the place we grew up and before departing, we would want alone time in our favorite spots to reflect on these memories. It seems as though dogs experience the same feelings when owners move out of their homes based on one pup's solitary moment of reflection before moving.

TikTok user @squashiebernedoodle recently shared a video of their Bernedoodle, Squash, staring out the back window of their house during moving day. This window provides a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but in exchange for this view, Squash will have a backyard all to herself. Check out the video to see Squash taking her final moments in this house to enjoy the view and see what beauty she is holding in such high esteem.

Aww, we feel so bad for Squash to have to leave behind such a serene view. We're sure she will enjoy her new yard, but it will definitely be difficult to part with this sight.

People in the comments love how peaceful this pup is while taking one last view of the Bridge. @cheeriosrock said, "She brings such peace when watching her. I would love to see her visiting at a retirement facility. She had such a calm presence." Another user, @toddb190 commented, "One of those special life moments that are captured, amazing!" We're glad Squash was able to have a few minutes alone with this view before they left the house!

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Others understand Squash's sadness, but know she will love her new home too! @winning205 commented, "Wait till she gets to her new backyard!" and @oatmeal_the_sheepadoodle said, "Omg Squash, I’m sorry. You’ll like your new house!" We agree. While this view is great, Squash will love having plenty of space to romp around her new yard!

We know how difficult it can be to leave the places we hold dear to our heart for the last time, and we are sending this pup all of our love.

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