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Dog's Reaction to Seeing Friend From Retirement Home Coming to Greet Her Is So Touching

Friendship is such a magical experience, no matter what species you are. Just ask Maisy and Richard! 

These two became fast friends once they started seeing Richard on his daily walk around the block. It didn't take long before Maisy, the Golden Retriever, began anticipating their daily hellos, and the rest is history! Fluffy, heartwarming history.

Her dad, @mspeelhmb, caught one of their greetings on film recently, and TikTok is living for it. You'll totally see why! Maisy is so excited when she spots her buddy down the street, and Richard seems equally as happy to see her. It really is friendship at its finest!

We can't get enough of these two! Maisy's talking is just so sweet, but the moment she and Richard finally meet in the middle for a pet is just the best. We're smiling like crazy just watching the scene unfold!

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Other commenters like @shanamama80 love "[her] little noises🥰" just as much as we do! We're not sure what exactly she's trying to say, but we know she's happy about it. That tail doesn't lie!

"That’s a special friendship," @locananam said. "How great they look for each other." We couldn't agree more! Both Richard and Maisy are in their golden years (pun intended), but couldn't care less about how old they are. It's all about happiness and love! 

If you think it couldn't get cuter, think again. Maisy's dad uploaded an adorable sequel to this video, and we've already watched it a dozen times.

Can you believe she brought him a leaf?! It's the cutest lil' gift from the sweetest ol' girl, and we know he'll treasure it forever. Just like we'll treasure their friendship!

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