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Dog Grieves Near Box Containing Her Fur Sibling’s Ashes in Video That’s Breaking Hearts

Dogs who live in the same household form a special bond with each other. They are usually from different litters, but they treat one another like they are blood-related. They play together, snuggle with each other, and even get in trouble together with mom and dad. They’re just like human siblings going through the ups and downs of life. And just as we experience it, dogs also have to go through the loss of life. We’re reminded of that from a recent, and heartbreaking, TikTok video posted by @ashleyann598.

She posted a video yesterday that shows her dog laying down in front of a bookshelf, staring at a box. The text on the video reads, "The moment you realize where your best friend is now." Ugh, the poor pup was so sad, grieving her furry sibling. She knew exactly where her best friend was and by the looks of it, we think she comes to that exact spot every single day.

Ugh, our hearts are breaking. This just goes to show that animals absolutely grieve, just like we do. She wanted to be next to her best friend no matter the circumstance. As @terrib62 put it, "True love. So sad." This is the definition of true love! She's there through the good and bad. And just as she's watching over her fur sibling's ashes, that sibling is watching over her from the rainbow bridge. 

“Oh this breaking my heart. Sending you all ❤️,” said @Elizabeth Maher-Reilly. We’re sending our love, too! @johnhylton798 wrote, “I think it hurts them more than us.” We’d have to agree with that. Pets don’t necessarily know what happens. She might’ve known her sibling was sick and her owners might have explained it to her, but there is no one to know for certain. We just hope both the pup and family are able to heal with each other. 

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