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Dog’s Overprotective Treatment of His Pregnant Mom Has Everyone So Moved

Dogs have a protective nature. They want to shield their humans from harm and that could mean anyone who walks through the front door or other dogs you see on a walk. Sometimes, while keeping us safe, they’ll bark or growl. But you can’t be mad at the puppers that do bark. They’re just looking after their people, even the little ones who haven’t made their debut yet! 

That's what we saw from TikTok user @rachsullivan__'s dog. In a recent clip, she was lying in bed with her Husky right next to her. Her husband was filming himself trying to get near her, but the dog wasn't going to let that happen. As the caption reads, "Baby security in training." LOL! We'd say he's got that training down, maybe a little too well... 

This pup did not want him near the resting mom and baby! He was jumping from each side of the bed, protecting his mama from all sides. And his reaction time was so quick! Did someone not tell the dog who was allowed near them and who wasn’t? He might need to go back to day 1 of training, ha! But also, the dad should know better than that. How dare he try and disturb the sleeping beauties?! 

TikTok users are coming up with what was likely circling through the Husky’s mind while he was on guard duty. “No, mom & baby need their rest, mister 😠,” commented @Mak. With how much this dog protects them, how much more sleep do they need!? LOL. “You’ve done enough human…I’ll take it from here,” added @Casey Kendrick. 

But also, do you think this mom can ever get out of bed?! The dog is very adamant about her getting the rest she needs. @Amanda Scott wrote, “Sorry, I can’t come to work. My dog won’t let me leave the bed.” HA! Can we start using this excuse, too?