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Video of Dog Loyally Guarding His Fur Sibling’s Grave Brings Us to Tears

Even after the loss of a pet, they're never really gone. You'll always keep them in your heart and others will remember them too. Which is probably why a mom was stunned when she realized her Cocker Spaniel puppy Dougie had a special morning ritual right where she buried another dog who passed. It can't be a coincidence — right?

Dougie brought everyone online to tears in a video posted on TikTok recently. The first time it happened, his owner Michelle Buckley (@michellebuckley8) was probably stunned. But when it became clear that Dougie had a morning ritual, the mom just had to share. The footage shows Buckley as she walks into her yard. "Dougie lays next to where we buried Burleigh every morning," she wrote in the video onscreen text. It's just so heartbreaking. Especially when you see the special monument for Burleigh that Dougie sits by. Instant tears we tell ya!

Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones crying. With over 387,000 views, pretty much everyone on TikTok was in their feels. "Oh I love that dogs know how to love better than humans!" @jordmer1 wrote. "Omg that’s so sad. How precious are dogs," @louloo47 agreed. "I thought I was gonna be okay... and then the statue.." @spaulsonsgirl sobbed. "Dogs are so dedicated. Bless that baby," @julian0920201 chimed in.

It just goes to show that dogs feel more deeply than we probably realize. They hurt when we hurt and they feel their own grief too. Luckily, these two have each other. Or as the mom later wrote, "He really is the sweetest, caring pup."