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Woman Asks Hairdresser for the Same Shade of Blonde As Her Dog and We Totally Get It

Your upcoming hair appointment is around the corner and you're scrambling to find ideas of what to do. You turn to Instagram or TikTok for inspiration, but nothing is hitting or calling your name. You've about given up. Then all of a sudden a dog video pulls your attention. Not because it's so adorable, but because the dog has better hair than you do. LOL!

No, it's really true! This Cocker Spaniel has some of the nicest hair we've seen. TikTok user @hugo.and.hattie posted a video of her brushing out her dog's hair and it's beyond beautiful. The creator even said she was going to bring her dog to the hairdresser to get a color match. Ha! Can we also borrow this dog for a color match? Because talk about GOALS. 

Wow, this hair is stunning! We can't believe how much we're obsessing over the color of a dog's hair. Never thought we'd say that! LOL! But you can't deny this pup has some beautiful locks. This is about to be the color of the new season!

"Beautiful Goldilocks," wrote @catherinehunt. Couldn't have said it better ourselves! @emmyfitx added, "It's giving Princess Aurora." OMG YES! Are we sure that's not Princess Aurora? LOL! "I thought that was a doll's head for a good second there," said @aimeex083. Don't worry, we did too. We would've never believed you if you told us that was a dog!

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@nicoletrainer3 added, "And those eyelashes." Seriously, get this dog on the cover of a magazine. She has it all! And once we get our hair to color match this puppo, how do we keep it so healthy? Just as @daddyash6 said, "Omg it's so healthy! Tag me in the hair routine." Please! We're dying to know how this dog's hair stays so perfect. We'd follow anything she tells us to do. Beauty lessons from a dog, now that's a first. LOL!

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