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Dog Finds Discarded Halloween Decor and Thinks He's Hunted a Real Bird

Spooky season is officially over and so all the Halloween decorations are gone. Some people might put the decor in storage until next year, while others might throw away some that broke or no longer work. And you know what they say, one man's trash is another one's treasure. 

One Golden Retriever named Bowie is an example of finding trash as treasure, except this TikTok dog, known as @nycgolden, didn't really know it was trash. LOL! The video shows Bowie strutting down the streets of New York City with what he thinks is a bird that he hunted. And what he's actually holding is cracking us up. 

O.M.G. He picked up a Halloween decorative bird instead of a real bird. LMAO! We definitely won't tell Bowie this isn't a real bird and we don't think anyone will. No one wants to crush his spirits! 

"He's so proud!" said @bridgetdowningjack. The proudest pup we've ever seen! The creator responded by saying, "He showed it to a guy walking by and the guy clapped for him." Stop it! We love that he hyped up Bowie! And because of that, he deserves a shout-out. That's the best response ever! @beachhappy06 added, "Excellent catch." He really did what he's known to do - retrieve. We couldn't have done it better ourselves. LOL! 

"What a savage," commented @londonlulu0612. Right!? We mean, just look at the size of the bird he hunted. HA! He should be parading around proudly! 


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