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Tiny Dog's Reaction to Getting a 'Happy Meal' Cracks Us Up

Remember that adorable Yorkshire Terrier who couldn't get enough of his dad's McDonald's fries? Yep, the very same food-loving Yorkie who went viral for that clip a few months ago is at it yet again. This time, he's guarding a whole Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meal box in @jnjcreations' video, and TikTok is loving it.

Clearly--so are we! This sassy pup has us grinning from ear to ear, though now we're a little hungry too...

LMAO! We're not surprised that this lil' dude went viral again for his love of food. Not only is it relatable, but it's funny AF, too! If you don't believe us yet, just look at the comments section.

"He’s spicyyyyy," wrote viewer @susuri02. Even hotter than McDonald's spicy nuggets! We suppose that's why TikTok loves him so much, though, even if he's a bit wilder than most. "I had a Yorkie for 12yrs," shared @ddwill3. "It really hilarious how you can be afraid of their little growl. Lol." LOL, indeed! This guy's bark is way bigger than his bite, to say the least, but we'd definitely be startled to hear him start yapping like this!

@Trixie112019 agreed: "He don't play about his McDonald's food." And why would he? These limited-edition Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meals are hard to find, and the food inside is drool-worthy. We bet he's never looked forward to Friday (or should we say Fry-day) this much!

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