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Dog Has a 'Harry Potter' Day at School and the Photo Is Every Muggle's Dream

Oh, the things we do for our dogs. From preparing the best meals to giving them luxury travel experiences, there's almost nothing a dog mom (or dad!) won't do. For @hannah.galloway-- a TikTok user and mama to Lady, a Golden Retriever-- her parental duties include enrolling her pup in school. It's not like a regular school, though (Mean Girls anyone?). It's a cool school! And to prove it, the school held a 'Harry Potter' day for all it's four-legged attendees.

And yes, it's just as adorable as it sounds! We don't have a ton of the details about the 'Harry Potter' day for dogs, but we do have one amazing portrait of Lady in her Hogwarts House. By the looks of it, this doggy school went all out! 

How stinkin' cute is this? We may be mere Muggles over here, but even we can appreciate the wizarding authenticity that went into the scene. Photo backdrop? Hogwarts scarves? The flag? It couldn't be any more perfect, and We think TikTok agrees. 

"I need to see the rest of these school pictures," @dayili1421_babe commented. Yes, please! It's cute enough that this doggy daycare created such a magical day for the pups, but to see them all in their Hogwarts houses would put it over the top. Just look at Lady and her lil' Hufflepuff self! 

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"Don’t you mean, Rufflepuff?" wrote @weenmombean. LOL! Before finding this post, we had no idea how many dog puns could be made from the word 'Hufflepuff,' but to be honest we're living for it. @Itslynsey's comment, "HUFFLE-PUP🐾💛," was another one of our favorites. 

"Why did this make me emotional??" asked @hailsdesq. "She looks so thrilled to be a badger!" We totally agree, but maybe she's just excited to go to such a fun dog school every day! We certainly would be! 

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