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Dog's Reaction to Having a Band-Aid Put on His Hurt Paw Is Impossible to Resist

When you got hurt as a little kid, you likely shedded some dramatic tears. But all it took was a trusty band-aid and a kiss on the boo-boo to make you feel better. Add in a little extra treat or extra love from your parents, and you were as good as new! It was as simple as that. Dogs are no different when it comes to feeling better. Extra attention goes a long way, and this sweet Black Labrador knows it first-hand.

TikTok user @mrslawrenceee shared a clip of her dog holding up his hurt paw, seeking some attention. His injured paw has a band-aid on it. OMG. That can mean only one thing; he's really, really hurt! His mom keeps asking him to see the injured paw and if he is alright. But by his adorable face, you can just see he's in "pain." LOL! Someone's a good actor! 

Aww! We don't even care if he's not actually hurt because he's just so cute. Let him believe he's hurt for as long as he wants and we'll take care of him! "He is totally milking it! 😳," commented @Emily Cea Ellis. Is it that obvious?! At least he's not crying like some kids would be.

"He's a trooper keepin' it together like that 😂," said @J Emba. "He's keeping his brave boy face on," wrote @Sparrow. He definitely deserves something for being such a good boy. @Who cares said, "Oooh, he needs a boo-boo biscuit to help speed up healing process 💪💚." @Stacey Duncan added, "No, mom, it’s not ok, it’s broke. He’s going to need cookies, a toy, Pet Planet, and a blankie." Those are the only things that will make him feel better! 

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And if you needed an update on Max's paw (of course, you do), here's the latest video. 

Ha, looks like it's good enough to enjoy playtime outside. So if there were ever any doubts he was faking it, looks like we have our answer!

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