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Dog’s Reaction to Owner Telling Him It’s Time to Get Up Is All of Us in the Morning

Look, not all of us can be morning people. And those of us who are prickly before their cup of coffee shouldn't live in shame. That includes a Golden Retriever on TikTok named Chester, who recently caught a lot of attention online for the attitude he cuts before going out for a walk in the morning. But we're right there with you, Chester. We're not early birds either. 

Chester was caught in all his grumpy glory in a video on the @chasin_chester page. The pooch, who hails from Los Angeles, California, can be seen in the footage standing at the top of the stairs. "My dog's face every morning when I tell him to come downstairs for a walk," his owner joked in the video's text overlay. The look on his face is absolutely priceless. "Talk to me when breakfast is pup-pared," his owner joked in the caption.

With over 900,000 views, it seems like other people could feel Chester's pain. "He probably thinks you wanna go and he's doing you a favor by coming," @4ft9crew teased. "He's my spirit animal before coffee," @sasiwisco joked. "Man's like 'you have to be joking, Karen,'" @kate.k.brown quipped. "Just like my mom waking me up for school everyday," @636366gg chimed in.

Thankfully other videos on the dog's page prove that he isn't always quite so frown-y. Like a video of Chester cuddling with his puppy brother Chase. Now that's a happy pupper. 

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Or as his owner put it, "BRB.. my heart just exploded." Too cute!

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