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Dog's Epic Reaction to Seeing Pictures of Herself on the Wall Is Everything

Let's be honest, we've all had pictures taken of us that we didn't like. Maybe the lighting was off or the angle was bad, and the picture didn't do us any confidence favors. Apparently, this can happen to dogs too, according to one Pomeranian who had an unexpected reaction to seeing pictures of herself.

TikTok user @mylilfloofy recently posted a video of her Pomeranian, Gnocchi, barking at the wall for seemingly no apparent reason. After a few minutes, Gnocchi's mom realized what was recently changed about the wall—she had hung up six framed photos of the pup! Gnocchi was clearly not a fan. Check out the video to see the drama unfold!

Poor Gnocchi! We think she looks adorable in the photos, but everyone knows you are your own biggest critic. Maybe Mom can let Gnocchi pick out her favorite pictures of herself to hang up instead.

People in the comments thought this video was too relatable. @ladymad said, "She did not approve them," and @blunchclub commented, "This is me when my mom redeems her Shutterfly coupons." The first rule of friendship is to never post pictures of your friends that they didn't approve. Mom needs to remember this next time!

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Others imagined what Gnocchi was thinking. @dogmomma814 commented, 'She said, “Mom you know that ain’t my good side.”' So cute," and @cowgirluni said, 'Dog said, “Look at them… just mocking me!”' Gnocchi probably knows this was done from a place of love, but she is still not happy with the outcome. She demands this injustice be rectified!

Gnocchi is planning her revenge on her mom by printing out her mom's least favorite pictures to put around her bed. That should teach her not to hang up photos without Gnocchi's consent!

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