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Dog’s Hilarious Reaction Every Time Owner Tries to Make Dinner Is Cracking People Up

Your dog is the first one to tell you when there's something bad going on. But what if the very thing that they're afraid of is your cooking? Yep, if your pup is anything like one Labradoodle on TikTok, those tacos that you're making is raising all sorts of alarms bells. However, there's a pretty good reason why this dog was freaking, as his mom explained in a recent video that went viral. 

Unfortunately for Taryn Calloway, her dog Ben is usually nervous when she's at the stove. The footage later shared on her page @tarynjade16 shows the pup cowering in fear behind a door while Calloway is in the kitchen. "I accidentally made the smoke detector go off like once or twice," she wrote in the video's onscreen text. "Now my dog runs and hides in the bathroom every time I cook." The look on poor Ben's face is everything. Or as his mom wrote in the caption, "He won’t let me forget." Take a look!

Hundreds of people wrote in to the comments section and couldn't help but tease the TikTok creator just a bit. "It had to be more than once or twice," @chloewheeler988 cracked. "Emotional damage," @marid623 wrote. "He's throwing shade," @heathermckey09 quipped. 

While other people shared that their dogs do this too. "Mine grabs a stuffed animal and panic walks around the whole house," @aidreanna0723 shared. "My dog does this too. She runs outside when she hears the click of the gas on the stove," @manifestationwithin added. "One my dogs doesn’t like the sizzling of a frying pan so we have to get out the thunder shirt for cooking lol," @.rminus chimed in. 

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Although if you ask us, this is just another good reason to order in. Pizza, anyone?

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