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Dog's 'Suspicious' Way of Hiding His Best Friend Is Just the Best

There's something so wonderful when cats and dogs get along. They are just so cute playing together, eating together, and sleeping together. Or, in the case of this adorable Golden Retriever that belongs to TikTok user @Tommylee_00, when dogs suspiciously hide their best friend under their bodies. 

Just watch this hilarious video to see the dog's highly guilty face and then the cat's reaction. It's too cute!

LOL! It's so funny how they are both busted and freak out. @Leaflady says "He is so precious and the cat obviously likes him or it wouldn’t put up with him!" @FrustratedParakeet says, "Golden retriever energy PLUS Orange Boi energy...immaculate vibes in that house!" Awww, so true. @Stacee comments, "The cat gasping for air has me laughing!" @Jennywrx says, "Omg he loves the kitty kitty!"

They are just too cute together. They obviously get along very well. And now whenever the cat is missing everyone will know where to look! 

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