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Dog With the 'Most Hilarious Howl' Has TikTok Cracking Up

Dogs communicate in so many ways, but the most classic, and the all-time favorite of many pet parents, is the howl. It sounds a lot more unique than a bark, and you likely won't hear it as often, either. When a dog's howl sounds like whatever came out of @messymiddlemastery's dog, though, you'd be getting it on film, too! 

Migo is one big Dogue de Bordeaux, but it's his vocal abilities that are stealing the show. It didn't take us long to hear why!

My goodness! Migo had something very important to say, clearly. We just adore the emphasis he puts on the end of his howl. If you weren't listening before, you certainly were then!

"Boxers, Bostons, and pitties have the best personalities. 🥰," commented @jmess1975. They certainly are an outgoing bunch! Even Migo's mama agred, writing, "I agree. I love all the bullies. This guy is a French mastiff. He’s little for the breed standard but definitely a boxer like personality haha." We can totally see it!

After giving this guy's opera another listen, we think this might be more of a song than simply talking. We can practically feel the emotion in his voice! Viewer @retr0cee could hear "row, row, row ya boat 😂," in Migo's howls, but @christinendg75 asked, "Does this guy have a record deal yet? 🥰❤️." We think whoever signs him will be one lucky dog! 

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