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Dog Holding 'Pods' Popping Up Across the Country Are Absolutely Brilliant

TikTok user @marcasia5 shared with the Internet something we've never seen before and after learning about it, we're here for it! Maybe you've heard about it before or seen it near where you live because these dog-house-looking contraptions are popping up across the country. Meet DogSpot. DogSpot is a new way to bring your dog with you on errands in a safe and practical way. The creators of DogSpot call it a "smart sidewalk sanctuary."

The TikToker walked up to one of these DogSpot locations outside a grocery store, explaining exactly what it is. The pod is fully enclosed with a glass front door and is temperature controlled. Plus, it's completely controlled by an app. And how DogSpot operates, in our opinion, is absolutely brilliant. Check out the details! 

Wow! This is the first we're hearing about DogSpot, but as it turns out, they're already popping up around the country. According to the website, there are DogSpots in 12 states with locations in 8 other states on the way. "They need to put these at more places," said @grace_plow6. Let's make it all 50 states and then some!  

DogSpot is controlled through an app. This means you unlock the box through your phone. It gives users a unique key that only they can access the box for that period of time. You can monitor your dog in real-time on through the app. Plus, the first 30 minutes are free. "I love this option. You don't have to use it if you don't like it but this is great if you're in a jam," commented @french7suzi. Right?! Maybe you're coming back from the park with your dog and you realize you need to pick up eggs. You can quickly leave your puppo in this safe and cool environment will you quickly run inside. No more leaving your dog in the hot car. 

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@deasil_weasel wrote, "There are times when I have my dog with me and need to run into the store, I would feel much better with this than a hot car." Exactly! We think this is a great invention and we can't wait to stumble across one in real life! 

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