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Dog's Adorable Response to Thinking He's Home Alone Couldn't Be More Fitting

Is there anything funnier than catching your dog when they think no one is watching? They do the goofiest things! Just like one dog on TikTok, who acted out when he thought his humans had left the house for the day. Let's just say that the dog was looking for attention — and he wasn't going to stop until he found a friend. 

It totally makes sense why Paddy was looking for someone to hang with. All the videos on his TikTok page, @padthedog, show the pup hanging out with his humans all day long. Recently, the dog mistakenly thought there was no one home. But he definitely tried to entertain himself anyway. "Paddy thinking he's home alone and trotting over next door to his grandparents for attention," the video's text overlay reads. The footage shows the pup waltzing over from his owner's backyard to his grandparents', but it's what he does when he gets there that is just so funny. 

He found a friend! Success! "This is a daily occurrence…" his owner joked in the caption. 

The comments section was captivated. "Aww I love that they have two homes to switch from," @tayebs95 gushed. "He deffo knew you was home but grandparents always give the best treats," @ashleighkellyx joked. "Our childhood dog used to do this with my grandparents next door. He could open their door to get in!" @2fleume shared. "OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! The gate so the doggos can see each other and the grandparents!!!!" @kimmyhughes7 exclaimed. 

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We couldn't have said it any better ourselves!

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