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Video of Dog Looking for Her Favorite 'Home Depot' Employee Is Way Too Cute

If you're a regular at a store or restaurant, you probably know the employees on a first-name basis. That of course means that they know you too. Eventually, you start to form bonds with some of those employees. People even get so comfortable with some of the employees that they only go in when they're working. LOL! That's not a bad thing though. Those employees probably get just as excited to see their regulars! Has this happened to any of you? 

If you're curious whether or not what we said is true, just watch this TikTok video from @akirablackpit. The creator filmed her Pit Bull mix going to Home Depot decked out in the most stylish outfit. But the pup wasn't there for a runway walk. She was actually there to see her favorite employee. She was walking up and down the aisles, sniffing out her bestie. But no luck! Akira the dog looked like she was giving up, but not before one more check. You have to watch to the very end!   

Aww! She was the happiest pup once she was reunited with her favorite employee! It took some time to find her, which of course led to some disappointment. And it really looked like she gave up when she laid down. Although we learned later that is her go-to pose. "The sploot!!" pointed out @annatherescue. SUCH a cute sploot! So maybe it wasn't a sign of defeat, but to reevaluate where to look. And luckily she didn't give up. It was a reunion for the ages! 

"Ugh as a former Home Depot employee I do in fact go just to pet strangers' dogs," said @tbhamkarla. LOL! We think any employee goes to work for the slight possibility an adorable fluff monster will come in. It's what keeps us all going! So if Home Depot has several dogs coming through, maybe we need to fill out an application. HA!

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