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Dog Thinks 'Homecoming Parade' Is Just for Her and Our Hearts Can't Take It

TikTok doggo @akirablackpit was outside on her front porch when something unique was passing by. She couldn't contain her excitement. She jumped right up to the wall to look at what was happening.

It was a parade! The fancy cars, music and cheerleaders that were marching right past this doggo's house was for a homecoming parade. But in Akira's eyes, well, she thought it was something personal. And we aren't going to tell her otherwise! 

Aww, stop it! How sweet is this that Akira thinks the parade is for her. Even though it isn't, we think the caption is absolutely right - she deserves a parade just for her. Imagine how many people would be involved or come out. It might just be bigger than the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! 

And honestly, who's to say this parade wasn't for her in the first place? As @joyjoyy4444 said, "Excuse me, the parade is for Akira." That's the way we like to think! "She will always be the reason to celebrate!" added @3llbrds. Every single dog deserves a parade!

Another TikTok user, @ehayden._0323, wrote, "As far as she knows, it is." YES! And don't nobody go telling her that the parade was actually for a Homecoming. Let her believe it was all for her. We wouldn't want to have a sad pup on our hands now. @massholemichelle_70 confirmed, "IT TOTALLY WAS FOR HER, I SENT THEM! JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING." So there you have it, a parade fit for a queen! Congrats, Akira, you deserve it and we can't wait to come to the next one!


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