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Dog’s Reaction When Human Sister Won’t Pay Attention To Her Is Too Much

Siblings know just how to press your buttons, and they’ll do it every time. This applies to a dog on TikTok and her human sister too. All the Pomsky (that's half Pomeranian, half Siberian Husky) wanted was a little TLC, was that too much to ask for? But her sister was just a bit preoccupied watching television and now the fit she threw when she wouldn’t give her pets is the funniest thing you’ll see on the internet today.

The interaction was captured by their mom Kassi, or @kassparkk as she goes by online. The footage shows an already engaged baby girl wholly absorbed by the show she’s watching. This was a tough pill to swallow for her Pom. So much so that the dog’s reaction is worth checking out for yourself. “When you want your sister to pet you but she’s too busy watching TV,” Kassi wrote in the caption. 

With almost 700, 000 views, many people in the comments section could feel the pooch's pain. "Dog is like 'put some effort into it,"" @simmythecute mused. "She looks at the camera like 'Ugh she’s not listening,'” @brenicole911 joked. "If baby no pets ME what's her purpose?" @womblander teased. "She looking like, what do you want," @jalesa___ added.

In a second video on Kassi's page, the pairs tight bond is again featured — along with their other puppy sibling. The video shows Baby Girl fast asleep, while her puppy siblings impatiently wait so that their mom will play with them. 

"The most attentive sisters around," their mom joked in the caption. See? Siblings are aways up to something.