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Video of Little Dog Being Ignored at NYC Adoption Event Has Us in Tears

TikTok user @petartbyandrea was at an NYC dog adoption event when she noticed something that broke her heart. So doing the reasonable thing, she decided to film what was happening with the hopes of social media working its magic. 

She came across an adorable 3-year-old dog named Bob. Bob is a sweet, tiny soul. He is only 10 pounds and would be perfect in a New York City apartment! So you'd think this adoption event in the park would be perfect for Bob. Well, think again and prepare yourself for heartbreak.  

Ugh, our hearts can't take this! Poor Bob. He was probably so excited and hopeful for the adoption event, but people looked the other way. How could anyway look past this sweet little fella!?

"COME ON, PEOPLE!! Bob is clearly top-tier dog material!!" said @verusc4s4lt. It's true! There's a separate video about Bob that says he's super intelligent and ready to be loved. @rachelmreynolds added, "I'm sorry, but with a name like Bob he would be the only pup getting my attention." YES! Plus, he's downright adorable. He'd have all of our attention if we were there! 

@kimgibs0n wrote, "Awwww my poor heart can't take it. The way he's looking around like, 'What about me?'" Ugh, here come the tears again. @yokaimouse commented, "This shattered my heart, please someone give Bob his loving forever home." This shattered all of our hearts! We really hope someone will adopt Bob. If you're interested in adopting Bob, please go to the Badass Animal Rescue website to fill out a form. Let's get him home! 


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